DMS is a USSF accredited soccer development academy in Rochester, NY teaching Desire, Determination, Dedication, Respect, Integrity.


Here at Doug Miller Family Sports Park we offer two exclusive opportunities to better your health through fitness. The parent workout aka "Adult Boot Camp" (scroll down) and 1 on 1 personal fitness training.


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1 on 1 Sport Specific Fitness Training

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering 1 on 1 fitness training. Participants will work in a 1 hour session with an ACSM certified personal trainer. Whether the goal is to increase speed, strength, agility, balance, endurance or anything else fitness related, this training will take you there.



1 FREE fitness assessment 

1x 1 hour session = $40

5x 1 hour session = $175

10x 1 hour session  = $300



PLEASE contact our trainer before purchasing any sessions. This is to ensure that there are available spots to train and to mutually agree between trainer and client on a training day/time. Thank you for your understanding.

Our trainer is Andrew Meleo

Phone: (585) 730-2890



Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  5:30pm-6:30pm 

Tuesday: 6:00pm-7:00pm 

Thursday: 7:00pm-8:00pm 

 1-Hour classes

These are fitness classes for PARENTS to participate in while your child is practicing! 

Workouts will be all body weight exercises and will be instructed by and ACSM personal trainer!


Monday (Jan 11th) = Upper body focused

Tuesday (Jan. 12th) = Lower focused

Wednesday (Jan. 13th) = Core and flexibility focused

Thursday (Jan. 14th) = Full body focused

Friday (Jan. 15th) = Cardio focused



*This week will be tentative, please contact the trainer*

Monday (Jan. 18th) = Cardio focused

Tuesday (Jan. 19th) = Upper body focused

Wednesday (Jan. 20th) = Lower body focused

Thursday (Jan. 21st) = Core and flexibility focused

Friday (Jan. 22nd) = Full body focused



(These workouts will be cyclic from week to week)


*Discontinuing Registration Until Further Notice*


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Unlimited 1 month = $80

5x Workout punch card = $60


"Ask how you can experience a few free workouts!"


Call 585-352-5300 for more info - or email